When can I come?

We work from 8.30 in a morning to 7.30 in an evening and at weekends (weekend is by a prior booking owing to Sport Clubs commitments). Appointments are at a mutually convenient time. Early, prompt, correct advice and treatment will restore injuries and complaints much sooner and help to manage and prevent further recurrence of problems.
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Do I have to see my Doctor First?

You do not have to see your Doctor you can refer yourself. However we prefer to involve your Doctor, so will contact them , this is necessary to authorise any health insurance you may have.
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What to expect at your first visit?

Initially your physiotherapist will carry out a full and thorough assessment of the condition for which you are seeking help. This involves asking questions about the difficulties you are having with your day to day activities or related to your sport and recreation. We assess your movement. This information gives us a picture of your difficulties and helps in formulating your personal treatment programme. It is also useful as a measure of your progress.
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What Qualifications do the Staff have?

All Physiotherapy staff at the clinic are registered with The Health Professions Council (HPC).The HPC regulates the use of health related professional titles, including physiotherapist. All such practitioners now have to register with the Council. By law, only practitioners who are properly registered are allowed to use specific ‘protected titles’ and it is a criminal offence for someone to claim they are registered with the Health Professions Council when they are not registered. To remain on this register all staff are actively involved in continuing postgraduate education as part of maintaining high standards for care of our patients.
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