“Airedale Physiotherapy Clinic provided an extremely personable and professional service.
After suffering from back tension and tension headaches, they quickly identified the problem.
Providing a relaxing yet informative session while resolving the problem areas.
I would highly recommend the Clinic to anyone suffering with similar problems.”
Charlotte Booth

“Having lower back issues I was interested in a Pilates class that was physiotherapy focused. I was delighted to learn that Airedale Physiotherapy Clinic had such a class and that it was a small class. Sue made me feel very welcome despite being the only guy there. It was a relaxing session and just what I needed after sitting on trains for 6 hours. I soon learnt the techniques and am looking forward to my next class and using Pliates as my daily exercise. Thanks Sue and David. Zip up!”
Steven Burles
Director Puddle.

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